My Secret Keys

Here they are. Or not. You decide….

Secret Keys.jpg
My keyboard on a Wednesday morning

I thought it might be my habit of eating potato chips at my desk. Yes, tsk, tsk. Let’s leave that for another day.

But it turns out to be a known issue with black keyboards coated with an unidentified white substance. Is that paint? Ink? Whatever it is, it fades. But, by fading, it reveals.

What, exactly? In my case, several letters have gone into hiding: O, L, M. N is completely gone, and E (not shown in the photo) is simply a thin white line.  Hmmmm…….


Guess that’s the Code Word of the Day.

Carry on.



2 thoughts on “My Secret Keys

  1. My first typewriter was ‘acquired’ in Berlin during some sort of secret operation. I loved the little thing, especially when I sat down to write my Great First Novel. Alas, the platen flew off every time I hit a hard return. Was fun while it lasted!

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