Matagorda in the Morning

Matagorda sounds like a bull-fighting term. A dramatic sweep of red silk across a blood-soaked, sunlit arena.
 But matagorda is a Spanish word that means ‘thick brush.”
It’s also the name of a small town on the Gulf Coast of Texas, established in 1827 by Stephen Austin while the land was still part of Mexico. The town sits on the banks of the Colorado River.
It’s also the name of an estuary bay located on the Gulf of Mexico. This is roughly the area where Harvey has *taken a turn back out into the Gulf. But at least the estuary has the chance to absorb the storm.  Let it be a thick brush that soaks up the water.
Harvey Forecast Matagorda.jpg
NOAA Map of Harvey August 28, 2017

Because, unfortunately, Harvey is forecast to make landfall again and head north in a day or two. Towards Houston. But – praying here – without the intensity. More rain, though. How much and for how long, remains to be seen.

If you are looking for great on-the-ground weather reports, I highly recommend Space City Weather. Two guys and a storm named Harvey.

* Note: I had things backwards regarding Harvey – out to the Gulf at Matagorda, not making landfall. Guess I was just trying to hurry this damned storm along.

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