Red Truck, Red Light

On my way back from the side trip into the life of Ms. Kelly at the mall, I was stopped at the light, getting ready to turn left on to Lovejoy Road. Mary Esther Boulevard had the green light and the right of way.

We had a red arrow, and that was fine by me. The vehicle ahead of me got tired of waiting for the light to change, so they pulled out when the traffic cleared and went their way up the boulevard. I was now first in line.
Enough time had passed that I wondered if the lights were working when they suddenly turned yellow. And then red. Traffic continued through the intersection. What are red lights when you have things to do and places to be?
But finally  the intersection cleared. Up ahead, I saw a red truck coming down Mary Esther Boulevard. Coming faster than was normal to stop at the red light.
Cars had already started turning left from Lovejoy Road onto Mary Esther Parkway. But the red truck kept coming. I could feel the impact of the red truck on the silver SUV that was moving through the intersection.
So I leaned on the horn. I leaned hard.
The red truck slowed. The silver SUV sped up. The second car on Lovejoy Road stopped. The red truck swept through by like a boat on a busy river. I could see the driver, mouth open, phone still held to her head, possibly still talking without a pause, as if death had never stepped into the intersection, waiting for her call.
Note: the photo image in this post was taken by Sasha Lebedeva.

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