Nanowrimo Light: Day 1

I didn’t sign up for Nanowrimo this year, but decided to challenge myself to put up a post every day this month. This will be a short one. A salvo of sorts. Over my own bow.

Here’s one of my weapons… RESEARCH!!!!

Found an old phone book at a local estate sale. May 1956. Apparently, I’ll buy anything.

1956 phone book.jpg
Local Yellow Pages May 1956

Actually, not true. This is exactly the sort of thing that gets my heart beating faster:  time capsules with nouns! People and places. Where they lived and shopped. Where they ate and drank. Their banks, barber shops, beauty parlors. Tailors, typewriter repair shops. Flower shops and funeral homes. Every page has a story to tell.

For instance: Tourist Courts!

texas court.jpg

Tourist Courts were popular all around the Florida coast back in the 1950s. Most of them are gone now, but I found one …

Pelican Court 1956.jpg
Pelican Court Cottages 1956

Pelican Court Cottages, located in the small town of Cinco Bayou, which is surrounded by a large body of water called … Cinco Bayou.

And here it is, sixty years later. Just up the road and cute as a button.

IMAG2068 (1).jpg

Has a lovely courtyard. If you look closely at the following image, you can see a deep shade of blue straight back. That’s the bayou.


Since I didn’t want to trespass, I drove around the corner and took a photo of the bayou from the Cinco Bayou City Hall.

The view from city hall.jpg
The view from City Hall: Cinco Bayou, November 2016

There you have it. Adventures with time on the beautiful Emerald Coast.


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