From Layover to Lotus: A Journey


The Layover getting ready to be surveyed

The name on the stern was was Layover. But to Robert, she was always the Lotus.

His path out of the muck and the mire.

She was a 40-foot cutter-rig with a center cockpit, built in 1981 by Endeavour Yachts. And she was a mess. Neglected. Dirty.

The bimini (the canvas cover over the cockpit) hung in rags.The hatches leaked, the heads didn’t flush. The only thing that worked in the galley was the overhead light. There was a leak in the fuel line. And the engine needed work.

But the seller was motivated and the price was right. The boat was inspected in July. On August 2, 2004, Robert took possession of the boat and had her moved to another location where she would undergo extensive repairs.

Layover getting fixed up.jpg
Undergoing repairs. Are the neighbors jealous? Probably not.


Over the next several weeks, the Lotus had her engine overhauled, her hatches and heads replaced, and a new stove installed. And new canvas all around: new sheets, main sail, and cover for the cockpit. Robert had stainless-steel davits built over the stern to hold the new dinghy.

And then she is moved to Bahia Mar, to prepare for the journey home.




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