My Image of a Perfect Home

Day One of Developing Your Eye: I was going to go house hunting today. Not to buy, but to capture with my camera my idea of home. Which is, honestly, lacerated, and deserves a post of its own. But first, I wanted to stop by an estate sale. On my way there, I came across this splendid riot of a garden, next door to the estate sale. It was two lots wide and invisibly deep. The house itself must have been small, to judge from the neighborhood, mostly prewar (around here, that means 1940’s). This tiny little ceramic birdhouse is even smaller. Doubtful a single egg has been nested, nor one bird taken shelter here.  But stories are born in these places. If not the dwelling, then the shadows that surround it, the structure that supports it, and the very air of the place, dreaming on a summer afternoon…
The perfect house


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